Virtual Cards: The Gift That Keeps on Giving

blue background with a hand holding a phone. The top is darker blue displaying sketched images of bread, masks and some logos
blue background with a hand holding a phone. The top is darker blue displaying sketched images of bread, masks and some logos
A must-have for today’s online shopper

Staying safe is the global motto for 2020. And as advised by the World Health Organisation, the best safety strategy is to stay home as often as we can — until science or nature finds a lasting solution to the Coronavirus.

In our quest to find the safest way to live, we have found that you can buy anything online: groceries, clothing, cake and even house plants! While shopping online is often more convenient than the norm (and better for your sanity, if you live in Nigeria 😭), it can be even more rewarding when you have a virtual card.

What is a virtual card? 💳

A virtual card is like a regular physical debit card in that it can do everything your average card can do, but it offers convenience, security and ease that a physical card cannot.

Once you set up your gomoney account, you can order a virtual MasterCard from your app and, in less than 24 hours, start making international payments (like Amazon and Asos) and local payments (Uber, Taxify, Jumia, etc), quickly and without stress. You can even set up recurring subscriptions like Netflix, Apple Music, YouTube Music — any payment, any time!

Because it’s on your phone and impossible to lose, a virtual card eliminates that annoying process of updating all your subscriptions if you lose your card — physical cards force you to re-enter all details once you block the card.

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gomoney customers loving their virtual cards 😌

Tell me more about the security 🔐

Virtual cards are secure by default. To be authorised to issue one, every provider undergoes extensive reviews. And gomoney kicks this security up a notch by providing you with virtual cards that you can freeze, unfreeze and block at your liberty.

If you suspect that you have shared your card details on an unsafe platform, instead of blocking your card and ordering an entirely new one, you can temporarily freeze your gomoney virtual MasterCard while you investigate. Once you’re safe, you can unfreeze or block the card and get a new one instantly!

Also, your virtual card is protected by your phone’s security, your gomoney login passcode and your PIN. So if you lose your phone, you don’t have to worry about your card details being compromised!

More benefits!

  • Skip the forex wahala by paying in NGN 💸

When you use your card, you can avoid the risk of your money being caught in the forex fluctuation war while making international subscription payments to Apple music or Netflix, by paying in Naira. Just remember to select “local currency” when asked for your preferred payment option!

  • Enjoy free trials 😌

If you’ve ever signed up for a free trial on Netflix or Apple Music or more “adult” tools like Adobe, you’re familiar with the free trial trope. If you haven’t, here’s a summary: You get a few weeks to enjoy services reserved for paying users for free. You are asked to enter your card details and, when the trial is over, you’re charged for the following month and you have the duration of the trial period to cancel the subscription to avoid being charged.

By attaching your account to your virtual card, you can skip the hassle of remembering to cancel your subscription by freezing or deleting the card once you’ve successfully accessed the service you need. 🌚

  • Stay on Top of Your Spending 📊

gomoney helps you monitor and understand your spending habits using the Reports feature and the “Spending Categories”. When you use your gomoney cards (Virtual and Physical*) our transaction enrichment provides you with additional details on the merchant you’ve spent with like their logo, address etc and we track every payment over time.

Together with your other transactions on gomoney, this will create more accurate spending reports so that you can better understand your spending habits.

Nice! How do I get one?

Getting a gomoney virtual card is super easy and your first card is completely FREE for every Tier 3 and above gomoney customer!

To create your free virtual card all you need to do is:

  1. Verify your KYC to become a Tier 3 customer by clicking on the circle in the top left corner of your home page and following the easy steps! (if you have, skip this part!)
  2. Go to the home page of your gomoney app and swipe left to the second section of the page.
  3. Tap on the ‘Get a virtual card’ and create your PIN
  4. Start spending instantly! 😊

Did we mention that physical cards are launching soon? Watch this space!

When your physical card arrives, it will also be linked to your gomoney account so you can have a complete overview of your spending and get the best out of our transaction enrichment feature!

Don’t have a gomoney account? Join the gomoney family now at, create your virtual card, and start spending with the bank you deserve!

Until next time,

The gomoney team 💙

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