Splitting the bill: How to reduce the effort and increase the reward

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Splitting bills just got easier!

When you’re out with your friends, splitting the bill can get complicated. Do you divide the cost evenly or by what everyone spent on food and drinks? How much is the service charge? How did they come to that amount and how does everyone start to split it? When you’re splitting larger bills — like rent, utilities, and keeping your apartment stocked with groceries — these questions get more tedious, more frequent and, like all things money-related, can sometimes lead to avoidable fights 😭

Reader, we’ve got some good news: at gomoney, our goal is to create tools that simplify money for you in any and every way, one of such is our “Splits” feature, located on your gomoney app.

What is gomoney’s “Split”

With the “Split” feature, gomoney allows you the ability to share the value of experiences with friends and other gomoney users without the mess often attached to splitting the bill. Because there are usually so many different bills with different people, gomoney lets you label your groups and add a description so you’ll always know what you’re getting paid for, without thinking too much about it.

Many of us have Netflix “tenants” and friends on our Apple Music family plan. Why allow them be freeloaders when you can just split the cost? If this is you, you can simply switch to paying with your gomoney virtual MasterCard and add your account tenants to a split group on your gomoney account!

Likewise, if you’re buying things from local or international websites with friends or family using your gomoney virtual card, you can split the bill with them directly from the app by creating a group and inviting all participants!

Sharing rides, planning an outing or organizing a holiday with friends or colleagues? You can create split groups dedicated to these activities and invite all participants. As soon as they accept your invite, all you have to do is assign the bill to the group and let gomoney handle the collection for you!

Plus, if someone forgets to send you what they owe, we’ll do the lowkey harassment on your behalf. At your request, we’ll send them a reminder which they will get in the form of a push notification — all you have to do is go to the group, and click on “Send Reminder”

How does it work?

You can split bills and expenses at any point during the transaction — whether before making the purchase, in real-time at the point of payment or long after you’ve made your purchase

To split real-time bills, all you need to do is:

  1. Once you open your gomoney account, click on “Payments”
  2. Toggle the top of the screen to select the “Split” option
  3. Select “New Group”, add a group name and description
  4. Once all members have accepted the invitation to the group, add the bill you want to split and every group member will get a notification!

If you’ve already made a payment and would like to share the cost with someone else, that’s totally possible! Simply follow these steps:

  1. From your app home page, select what payment you’d like to split
  2. Click “Share cost”
  3. Select “Add to a group” or “Split with a contact”
  4. Click “Send request” and chill as your money rolls in 😌

gomoney customers from any part of the world can split bills and create split groups. Imagine splitting the bill for a surprise gift for a friend, or crowdfunding your next adventure with your buddies. Wouldn’t it be easier to add everyone interested in these special events to a group so that you can track who has paid and send reminders without thinking too much of the process? Who wouldn’t want that?

If you’re reading this, it’s not too late 👀! Invite your friends to gomoney (remember to use your referral code) and start splitting bills swiftly and easily — no hassle, no noise! 🤘🏽

Don’t have a gomoney account? Download the app here in no time and open an account in 3 minutes or less!

Your friends at gomoney 💙

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