DSTV, GoTV, Electricity, internet… paying your bills has never been easier

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All your bills, one phone. Paying bills is easier with gomoney

Attempting to manage your personal finance is never easy. From keeping up with payment deadlines and tracking unplanned spending to keeping up with who owes you, tracking your money is never easy. Now that we have so many payments — bills, leisure, group payments, etc — to keep up with, staying on top of your bank balance can get even more difficult.

We have many goals at gomoney, some of which are dedicated to designing and creating tools to help you address and tackle money management issues and eliminate the stress that usually accompanies tracking your payments. We’ve got tools to help you split bills with friends easier, virtual MasterCards for international and local online payments. But today, let’s discuss our “Bill payments” feature, tagged “Bills” on your gomoney app.

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Why was the Bill Payments feature created?

Short answer: to make your life easier

Our bill payments feature is our attempt at helping to pinpoint and manage the bills that are as frequent as they are necessary — like electricity, internet/data, airtime — and those that you need to maximize your enjoyment, like DSTV, GoTV, IrokoTV and so on. Because we are aware of how important yet forgettable bills tend to be, we have made the “Bills” section takes less time and effort to reach than making a phone call.

All you need to do to pay any bill is:

  1. Sign in to your gomoney app using your passcode,
  2. Click on “Bills”,
  3. Select what you’re trying to pay for and make the payment!

You can set up a scheduled payment so that the selected bill is paid on your chosen date as frequently as you want, for up to a year.

You can also save your bills: this saves all the details needed for said transaction. If its a bill that you pay constantly but it's not always the same amount, this feature helps you save the details so you won’t have to remember it every time you want to make a payment. Likewise, if it’s a bill you sometimes pay for someone else — perhaps your sibling’s internet subscription, or your parents’ electricity bill — saving their details in your “Saved bills” will eliminate the struggle of constantly asking for their ID and give you the ability to grant surprise bill payments. 👀

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What bills can you pay on gomoney?

  • Utilities

Electricity payments are a different hassle for everyone in Nigeria — from trying to find the best and most convenient way to pay, to navigating which payment platforms would implement your payment the quickest. With gomoney, you don’t have to worry about any of those details.

Once you log in and you have enough funds in your account, simply select your electricity — or any other utility provider — from the designated section, enter your details and pay. That’s it!

If you’d like this payment to be made frequently, turn the “Schedule payment”, choose how frequently you want it paid and you are done! As long as you have enough funds in your account, your payment will be made on the day you want, as often as you want!

  • Data, airtime and internet

You can pay for your data or airtime quickly and in no time! Once you sign in to your gomoney account, simply click on Bills, select “View all”, choose your mobile network provider, the amount you’d like to top up and you’re done — no stress, no hassle 😌

  • Entertainment

Have you got DSTV or GoTV? Trying to pay for your IrokoTV or MyTV or Startimes subscription? No problem. Simply select what you need from the options and follow the instructions!

  • Lekki Tollgate payment

Stuck in traffic with no money on your LLC Toll card? Top up with gomoney and cruise through like the VIP that you are 🥂

Pay your bills with gomoney. It will make your payments (and by extension, your life) much easier. If there’s any bill you’d like to see on gomoney, please let us know by filling out our feature request form (we read all your requests!)

Make your life easier with gomoney. It’s what we’re here for 💙

New to gomoney? We’ve got you. Click on gomoney.global/app to open an account in 3 minutes or less!

Click this link to learn more about gomoney. We’re the bank you deserve… in a good way

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We’re the bank you deserve, simplifying money for everyone with tools dedicated to helping you make better financial decisions — no noise, no stress

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